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Providing Cutting-Edge Innovation That Enhances The Protection Of Premium Electronics.

Let Us Engineer The Right Solution For You

Established in 2008 in South Wales, UK, Techni3 Ltd are the official distributor for LAIRD PERFORMANCE MATERIALS,
(a Dupont business), in the UK and Ireland. With over three decades of experience, Techni3’s skilled engineers specialize in EMI shielding, Microwave absorption, and thermal dissipation. Laird, a Global leader and manufacturer of performance materials, partnered with Techni3 as the Laird official distributor in UK and Ireland. This collaboration enables Techni3 to provide cutting- edge innovations, enhancing the protection of premium electronics in the UK and Europe.

A Service That Is Competitive, Responsive And Reliable 

At Techni3, we offer a comprehensive and competitive engineering service marked by responsiveness and reliability. Our sales team and engineers engage with client engineers on-site, offering guidance and design solutions to various industries including Military, Military Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Aerospace, Electronics, Space Science, EV Battery, and Pharmaceuticals.

Our strength lies in turnkey solutions, including design specifications, prototype development, verification testing, and application expertise. This proficiency addresses challenges related to RF and thermal issues, establishing Techni3 as the definitive partner for intricate engineering problems.

For your design, manufacturing, and engineering needs, Techni3 stands as your solution provider, backed by global leader LAIRD. Our expertise lies in the supply and transformation of LAIRD raw sheet materials into meticulously crafted components, catering to the needs of elite electronic corporations throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. This operation is conducted with utmost efficiency, leveraging a comprehensive stock of Laird raw materials at our central facility located in South Wales, UK.