Recovery, reballing, retinning, test and more

VISIT RETRONIX AT STAND 56 – Electronic Component Show 2024

Spend time with Retronix to discover how its services are at the forefront of providing innovative circular economy solutions to the electronics manufacturing industry.

With a steadfast commitment to sustainability and efficiency, Retronix specialises in component recovery services, which play a pivotal role in keeping production lines active
and supply chains secure. Repurposing and reusing components mitigates the risk of shortages and substantially reduces electronic waste, aligning with global efforts
to protect the environment.

The company’s expertise extends beyond component recovery. Retronix offers a suite of specialised services designed to meet the diverse needs of customers. These include laser reballing, automated retinning, comprehensive component testing and PCB rework. Each service is executed with precision and care, ensuring customers receive high quality work. The approach is practical and focused on delivering tangible benefits to customers, such as cost savings, reduced downtime and enhanced product longevity.

An integral part of the company’s operational excellence is adherence to stringent quality standards. Retronix is proud to be AS9100D certified, a testament to unwavering commitment to quality management systems and continuous improvement. This certification underscores the company’s capability tomeet the rigorous demands of all major electronics OEMs and CEMs, providing them with services that are precise, effective, consistent and reliable.

Retronix’ commitment to a circular economy is not just about business; it’s about fostering a more sustainable and efficient future for the electronics manufacturing sector.