Power to connect

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Join Phoenix Contact at ECS to explore applications and solutions from renewable energy generation battery storage to domestic and commercial consumption.

As renewable energy becomes more prevalent as an energy source for the grid, management of supply and demand is critical. Grid balancing requires building intelligence solutions and technology to manage the timing of activities such as EV charging. This requires a combination of power, signal and data connectivity, with a focus on ease of installation and data transmission security.

As electric and hybrid vehicles become more commonplace, they place higher demands on charging infrastructure availability and reliability. Uptake has been so significant that most new homes are built with the required circuit breakers in the electric consumer units and home chargers already installed. Connection requirements include connection to the vehicle and the internal electronics within the charging unit.

Energy storage systems are an important link for sector coupling and grid stabilisation, providing electricity when required, not just when the wind is blowing or sun is shining. This sector covers large- scale grid storage and small-scale commercial/domestic storage with differing requirements for device connectivity.

Renewable energy generation covers several different technologies from wind power, solar and hydro-electric and is already becoming a significant proportion of today’s energy mix. Device connectivity in this market sector often requires higher IP (ingress protection) rated connection and enclosure solutions to help protect from the ever-changeable weather.