Bayonet connectors meet MIL-DTL-26482 requirements

Weald’s LMH range of bayonet coupling connectors is designed to provide a cost- effective combination of price, size, weight, contact size, robustness and reliable quick- connect. They are engineered to perform to MIL-DTL-26482 (previously MIL-C-26482) Series 1 and Patt 105 requirements. The connectors are also manufactured to IECQ- CECC spec BS/CECC 75201-003 and BS 9522 F0017.

LMH connectors are available for signal and power applications and are manufactured with bonded insulators and contacts 100 per cent pressure-tested during assembly to provide a reliable environmental seal even when unmated.

Features include: nine shell sizes and 25 shell styles; two to 61 ways contact arrangements; maximum current rating of 45A; peak working voltages up to 1500V DC/AC; and accessories including J sealing glands, protective caps and screen termination.

Standard LMH connector shells are made from aluminium alloy with a choice of high corrosion resistance plating finishes including the RoHS compliant nickel or black zinc nickel and, predominantly for defence applications, olive drab and RoHS compliant zinc cobalt finishes may be specified.