Local dimming supports higher resolution and lower power

Rohm Semiconductor has announced its BD94130xxx-M series LED driver ICs for automotive LCD backlights. The devices support large displays increasingly being used in next-generation car infotainment and instrument clusters.

LED drivers with local dimming improve screen performance and reduce power consumption. Rohm’s new products can control more zones than conventional ICs, making it possible to reduce the mounting area by reducing the number of LED drivers. The series combines an eight-line switch controller with 24-channel current driver, allowing control (dimming) of up to 192 zones mini- LED for backlighting with a single IC. The mini-LEDs in each zone can be independently adjusted using a local dimming function, contributing to larger contrast ratio, lower power consumption displays.

For example, with current 10in infotainment displays comprising approximately 600 zones, these new products enable operation with one-fourth the number of LED drivers compared to existing (48-zone) products, decreasing LED driver mounting area by approximately 84 per cent.