ASL Invest £75,000 in New Stock System

In a move set to revolutionize our operations, we have made a significant investment of £75,000 in a cutting-edge stocking system. This bold step marks a departure from our old fashioned labelled brown boxes, to a modern and more efficient electronic QR Code stocking system.

Since ASL was founded almost 30 years ago, the company had relied on an older stocking system, where components were arranged on shelves according to part numbers. While this system had its merits, such as being cost-effective and relatively easy to navigate, it posed challenges in scalability and time efficiency.

The Old System: Pros and Cons

Under the previous system, kitting for new batches involved a manual process. Kitters would consult a Bill of Materials (BOM), locate the part number on the shelf, and manually record quantities on blank labels for operator identification during assembly setup. While this method was familiar and inexpensive to implement, it had notable drawbacks:


  • Cost-effective installation
  • Familiarity for employees
  • Easy navigation to component locations


  • Limited scalability for volume changes
  • Time-consuming kitting and stocktaking
  • Space inefficiencies with stagnant inventory

The New Era: Efficiency and Precision

Signaling a commitment to enhanced efficiency and precision in our manufacturing processes, the recent investment has ushered in a new era for ASL, where each component is now organised based on availability rather than part number sequence. This modernized approach streamlines the kitting process, improves accuracy and improves efficiency at every stage.

When initiating a new job, kitting is now a breeze with the introduction of a BOM location report. This report pinpoints the exact storage location of each component. Kitters simply scan the QR code at each designated spot, automatically deducting the required quantity as per the BOM. A printed label, detailing the part number and quantity, is then generated and attached to the components, ready for assembly.

Advantages of the New System

The benefits of this advanced stocking system are already being felt throughout the organisation:


  • Enhanced Accuracy: Precise stock counting with automatic deductions.
  • Efficient Kitting: Streamlined process for kitting new jobs.
  • Flexibility: Multiple storage locations for the same part number.
  • Automation: Labels are automatically printed with BOM quantity and part number.
  • Space Optimization: Requires less shelf space, reducing clutter.
  • Improved Aesthetics: A visually appealing and organized system.

Old Stock System

New Stock System

Investment and Future Outlook

Operations Director of ASL, Oliver Balshaw, commented:


“Whilst the stocking transition required a substantial investment of £75,000 for software, scanners, shelving and printers, this strategic move will future-proof our operations and support us as we strive to grow beyond £10million turnover.”

We remain committed to delivering high-quality products with increased efficiency, setting a new standard in cable assembly manufacturing.