Taking control of auto semi supply chains

Sondrel, an outsourced ASIC design and manufacturing company, is helping automotive purchasing departments take control of their supply chains to reduce the likelihood of future disruptions.

Sondrel’s VP of worldwide sales and marketing, Ollie Jones, said: “We have detailed knowledge of the exacting standards required from handling many automotive IC projects such as ISO 26262 along with the requirements of functional safety (FuSa).

“In summary, using Sondrel to design and manufacture a bespoke chip enables automotive customers to fully own their supply chain of chips, creating a barrier to entry for rivals trying to replicate unique functions, and could potentially save on the bill-of-materials as the functionalities of several chips could be integrated into one. This completely disrupts the traditional, tiered model of system houses that integrate chips from IC manufacturers into subsystems for automotive OEMs.”

As an outsourced turnkey ASIC supplier, Sondrel takes responsibility for the smooth running of every stage in the value chain with fully tested chips being delivered to aspecified schedule.