AEL Crystals

Gary Ramsdale

Gary Ramsdale, Managing Director

From the experience of 2012, one thing I believe I can predict is that 2013 is not going to be an easy ride.

Yes, there are some exciting and innovative developments rolling out from within the industry. Lower and greener energy options will feature high on the electronics agenda and AEL Crystals Ltd are well placed to support this market as the adoption of wireless and intelligent control systems play their part in reducing energy costs.

In terms of product development, we are very excited about the adoption of MEMS oscillators as a mature product. The technical aspects of this device have now been refined to a level that is comparable to a quartz crystal oscillator in terms of jitter & phase noise, with all the intrinsic advantages of a solid state MEMS device such as extremely high reliability, lower cost and significantly shortened lead-times.