BevPicture_August2011_2Beverley Scott, Head of Marketing, Cyclops Electronics

In 2012 quality, on time delivery, shorter lead times and relationship building was key to success within the electronics industry as the market has been very unpredictable.

There has been a drop in consumer confidence due to the financial climate which has led to a deterioration of the market, having a direct impact on production and lead times. This requires the need for more forward planning in 2013 as a result of the uncertainty and I believe that companies planning ahead for their future production requirements may scaleback or rationalise.

Recorded incidents of counterfeit electronic components still continues to rise with  consequential effect on performance and safety. The electronics industry needs to be more vigilant than ever ensuring strict quality and testing procedures take place as well as continued awareness of counterfeit issues in 2013.

Offshore production has recently seen a cost increase in workforce, delivery, and raw materials. With these costs likely to continue to rise, UK companies may look closer to home to meet their manufacturing needs, bringing more production to the UK in 2013.

There will be many challenges ahead for the electronics industry in 2013 but the importance of forward planning and up-to-date information on counterfeit components goes some of the way to easing those pressures as the new year approaches us.