mark burr-lonnon (2)Mark Burr-Lonnon, Vice President-International Mouser Electronics

Just like 2012, I see 2013 as “interesting”! Whilst Mouser saw 20% growth in 2012, the market for sure did not achieve that level of growth and my view is that a slowly strengthening market throughout 2013 will occur. Mouser expects once more to outperform the market but I predict a European market growth of low single digits unless the Eurozone has any further unexpected variances. Whatever the market conditions, engineers are still designing, even if fewer are making it through to production; so our key focus area remains exceptionally buoyant designing tomorrow’s latest designs and using the key new technologies to drive for faster, smaller, better products. Web ordering especially in small quantities continues its rapid rise and I expect our new customers from this medium to rise from the already high level of 75%, as more and more designers go to the web as their source of technical information and follow through with a purchasing action.