The new serious player on the UK electronics market

WFP_8318-smallIn 2013 some changes are coming to the UK electronics trade market. One of the biggest Central European distributors of electronic components has finally arrived and is streaming to make some noise among its competitors in Great Britain. TME is the customer-oriented company with the long history and expanding ambitions that has operated on the market for 23 years now. One of its main advantages is the big logistic center located in the very centre of Europe (Poland) which allows them to operate on low margin and deliver high quality service at once. TME mainly focuses on deliveries of electronic and electrical engineering products. Elements offered by TME are used in various types of electronic equipment, industrial automatics, measuring and research instruments, but also general purpose devices. The company has 100 000 products in their range of products and offers multilanguage catalogues as well as intuitive website with a lot of functions that make navigation and ordering easy. Tempting pricing policy makes them quite a match for the local distribution companies and end customers which could explain their fast expansion on the European market. TME services several thousand companies from over 30 countries and ships almost 2000 parcels a day. At their best estimates TME is going to tripple their turnover in UK market during this year.

Let’s see what 2013 will bring.