Mark Leary

Publisher and Founder

Mark is extremely passionate about MMG and this has not changed since the companies first day of trading!

Always wanting to improve and develop MMG’s portfolio, Mark is a big believer in looking after his staff, publishing the best publications and products possible.

Found regularly Visiting client‘s in the US, Mark is a seasoned traveller and looks forward to precious time at home with his family, when he’s in the country!

Vicky Leary

Director / Circulation Manager

There from the very start of Electronics Sourcing, Vicky likes to think she is the engine room of the company! Without her, the guys in the studio would have their (In her opinion) awful music on all day.

Jon Barrett

Managing Editor

Leaving Colchester Institute with qualifications in 3D Product Design, Jon began his engineering career in the automation industry, with involvement in the research, design, manufacture and installation of factory robots. During his publishing career, Jon has continued to develop his mechanical, electronic and software skills.

Josh Hilton

Production & Design Manager

Always thriving to see new sights around the world. Josh is a lover of vegan foods and loves a good G&T on a sunny day.

Denise Pattenden

Director of Operations

A crazy cat lady who loves a challenge and enjoys a few glasses of fizz! Top Personal Assistant, Office Manager, Wife and Mother! Denise loves the ones who are in her life and make it amazing.

Emma Evernden

Director of Sales

Hugely focused, bubbly and full of life. Loves good banter, shoe addict and has a huge love for her house bunny and weekends away with the husband.

Liz Poole

Circulation Account Manager

Enjoys her holidays in the sun, her gardening and annoying the boys in the office! Liz will always be the first up when treats are brought into work.

Jim Powell

Sales Executive

Jim is passionate about high performance, he is extremely motivated and a big believer in high self efficiency. Jim is a Father to 2 children and 1 English Bulldog called Elvis. He enjoys swimming, running and cycling as he trains for Triathlon, Marathon and Spartan events.

Will Leary

Sales Executive

Will is hard working and takes passion in everything he does. Will enjoys football and loves to adventure in different countries.

Tom Claydon-Smith

Junior Creative Artworker

With a Foundation Diploma in Art and a Bachelor’s in Photography, Tom is a very image & design orientated worker. He also enjoys going to the gym and cooking delicious meals!