Mouser Stocks Award-Winning TAIYO YUDEN MCOIL Metal Power Inductors

Mouser - Taiyo Yuden MCoil™MCOIL™ is named a Product of the Year by the editors of Hearst Electronic Products

Mouser Electronics, Inc. announces immediate availability of award-winning TAIYO YUDEN  MCOIL™ Metal Power Inductors, an innovative new series of coil components using magnetic metallic materials. A recipient of the Hearst Electronic Products’ 2012 Product of the Year Award, MCOIL™ inductors use a new type of magnetic core, permitting handling of higher current levels than other power inductors of their size.

TAIYO YUDEN’s MCOIL™ Metal Power Inductor series is a combination of industry leading performance and compact form factor making them optimal for use as choke coils for power supply circuits in compact mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. The two product classes of the MCOIL™ series, wire-wound chip power inductor MAMK 2520T2R2M (inductance value 2.2µH, saturation current 2300mA), and metal core SMD power inductor MDMK2020T2R2M (inductance value 2.2µH, saturation current 2000mA), combine with TAIYO YUDEN’s advanced process technology to achieve the best-in-class DC bias characteristics in the industry, as well as size reduction.  To learn more, visit

Electronic Products 37th Annual Product of the Year Awards for 2012 were announced in the January 2013 issue of the magazine. The editors evaluated thousands of products launched in 2012 to select the winners. The winning products were selected on the basis of innovative design, significant advancement in technology or application and substantial achievement in price and performance, according to Hearst Electronics Group.