New Power MOSFETs from Advanced Power Electronics Corp

apcAP9412 AGx N-channel Enhancement Mode MOSFETS

Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA), a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of MOS power semiconductors for DC-DC power conversion applications, has announced its highly cost-effective AP9412A family of N-channel enhancement–mode power MOSFETs which feature fast switching and low on-resistance.

Available in SO-8, TO-252 and isolated TO-220CFM packages, the devices have a minimum drain-source breakdown voltage of 30V and a maximum RDS(on) of just 6m?. Other characteristics depend on the package chosen. All parts are extremely easy to drive. They are suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including low voltage applications such as DC/DC converters.

Comments Ralph Waggitt, President/CEO, Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA): “We specialise in providing parts that simplify the design engineering process by delivering excellent performance at an attractive price level. These new devices are a perfect example – full documentation  is available at: (SO-8), (TO-252), and (TO-220CFM).”