Hongfa SSR’s from Rapid Electronics provide superior switching potential

hongfaIf you are thinking of switching solid state relay suppliers, Rapid Electronics has introduced a new range of low profile, panel mounting SSRs from leading manufacturer Hongfa.

The advantages of solid state relays over traditional electromechanical types include their smaller package size, faster response time, silent operation, clean, bounceless operation, increased operational life and no sparking for use in explosive environments.

The Hongfa range features panel mounting devices incorporating Zero Cross turn-on and an LED indicator. The relays have a 4 to 32V DC control voltage range and an internal snubber. Opto isolation provides 4000V AC of dielectric strength between input and output. A choice of load voltages and currents are available to ensure that there is a device to suit every need.

Also included in the Hongfa range is theHFS32 seriesoflow profile, interface relays. These are SPST-NO devices with both AC and DC outputs. The relays can be PCB mounted or socket mounted, where they can be used in high density applications. Opto isolation is utilised for circuit protection and the relays are fully compatible with electromechanical standard relays HF115F and HF41F, making them ideal for use in industrial control.

Other lines use MOSFET technology to switch medium and high power DC loads. The relays are available in a choice of load voltages and currents and all relays feature photo isolation for high dielectric strength.

Also available are mounting sockets, heat transfer pads and safety covers compatible with Hongfa SSRs.

Up to +10 price breaks are available across the Hongfa range and discounts possible on bulk orders. All Hongfa lines are available in-stock. Technical specifications and datasheets for individual products are available on the Rapid website.