Renesas Electronics Europe Unveils Low-Power Microcontroller Group with up to 1MB of On-Chip Flash

REN0435_RX210_groupRenesas Electronics Europe, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the availability of a large number of new low power, low voltage microcontrollers (MCUs). Renesas is expanding the low power, low voltage RX200 series to include versions offering from 64 KB to 1 MB of on-chip flash memory, and package sizes from 48-pin LQFP to 145-pin LGA. Combined with active mode power consumption of 7.2 mA at 50 MHz operation and a standby mode of 0.4 µA, this provides an industry leading 32-bit low power lineup.
The RX200 Series
The RX200 series of MCU is part of the RX family of 32-bit MCUs from Renesas. The powerful RX CPU core supports a wide range of applications, offering a huge range of solutions aimed at many applications such as metering, motor control and networking.
The RX200 series is based on an advanced, low power flash process, designed to meet the latest requirements of the next generation of lower power applications. The combination of the high performance 32-bit RX CPU, which delivers 3.08 CoreMark / MHz, and operation at voltages as low as 1.62v and as high as 5.5v, means that this RX200 series provides an ideal solution. The flash memory offers reprogramming across the full voltage range, from 1.62 – 5.5v with E2data Flash 100k write erase cycles and guaranteed data retention of up to 30 years.
New RX210 group roadmap
The RX210 group now offers a unique lineup of low power, 32-bit devices, offering a wide range of memory size and package options and suitable to support every low power application that now needs 32-bit performance. The RX210 group supports many powerful on-chip peripherals, with a multitude of on-chip timers, including motor control timers, a Real Timer Clock and watchdog timers. The RX210 also includes up to 15 on-chip serial interfaces, including SPI & I2C support, a 12-bit ADC and 10-bit DAC, DMA controllers, an on-chip event system, a peripheral mapping controller and a wide variety of on-chip safety and reliability functions designed to support IEC60730 (VDE compliant software libraries available).
The combination of the high performance RX CPU with a wide range of operating voltage choices, flash sizes and available package options, makes the RX210 an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications, such as consumer products, data loggers, meters, small appliances and industrial sensors.
All the versions of the RX210 group are now available in sample quantities and will be available in mass production by the end of March 2013.