New at Rutronik: World’s First 19nm NAND SSD from Toshiba

FEB13-RUT-Toshiba-THNSNF-SSD-SerieToshiba now delivers the world?s smallest and highest density NAND flash solid state drive, utilizing its advanced MLC (Multi-Level Cell) 19nm NAND technology. This new THNSNF series with high capacity of up to 512 GB provides an uncompromised storage solution for high end notebooks, tablets, PCs, all-in-one desktop computers and industrial PC applications. The SSDs are available at distributor Rutronik as of now.

Toshiba’s new series of SSDs will help OEMs balance the increasing demand for high storage capacity with the demand for more streamlined devices. The new THNSNF family is twice as fast as the previous generation, offering read transfer rate of 524MB/s and write transfer rate of up to 461MB/s. It features Toshiba’s QSBC(TM) (Quadruple Swing-By Code), a strong and highly efficient Error Correction Code (ECC) protecting against any read errors in the device. With an additional ‘data corrupt protection’ feature, the THNSNF SSDs range protects any data which is being moved internally, against unexpected power-loss and write errors.The deterministic zeroing TRIM function allowsthe host operating system to inform the SSD about idle data blocks which can be wiped internally. The ‘read only mode’ enables the access to the data even when the drive is damaged or has lost write ability.

The small form factor drives are available in a range of sizes: THNSNFxxxGBST (9.5mm height; 60, 128, 256 or 512GB), THNSNFxxxGCST (7.0mm height; 60, 128, 256 or 512GB) and the THNSNFxxxGMCT (mSATA(TM); 64, 128 or 256GB). Each drive is halogen and antimony trioxide free. The THNSNF series utilizes Advanced Power Management (APM) technology to control energy consumption levels. It also boasts the best energy efficiency levels throughout the world with a power consumption of less than 0.1W.

Contact at Rutronik:
Waldemar Batke, Senior Marketing Manager Storage
Ph: +49 7231 801-0
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