Partnership on track to transform PCB recycling

A co-operative agreement has been signed between Itrimex, a company specialising in metals recovery from waste electronics, and Belgian metal recycling and refining company, Metallo-Chimique.

Itrimex’s technology was developed to recover precious and base metals from waste circuit boards. It is said to be a fast and low energy solution resulting in a low carbon footprint, with a pilot plant already in operation near Bromborough, in the UK. Ultimately, the technology is expected to  increase the recycling of end of life electronic scrap. It will help manufacturers meet stringent targets for recycling electronics goods, bearing in mind the current goal for the EU to recycle at least 85 per cent of electrical and electronics waste by 2016.

Working together for an initial six months, Metallo and Itrimex will optimise the current process and demonstrate commercial feasibility on a full production scale.