Syfer’s X8R chip capacitors extended with Automotive applications in mind.

X8R_chilli shot_smallThe number of electronic systems in today’s automotive vehicles has had a dramatic increase over the last few years.  This growth has triggered increased demand for MLC capacitors that can not only operate up to 3kV, but also meet the stringent environmental standards required in this sector.

To meet these design requirements, Syfer Technology, Europe’s leading capacitor manufacturer, has expanded its X8R dielectric range of multilayer chip capacitors (MLCCs).  The range has been extended, from a working voltage of 250V DC, up to 3kV DC and will now be available in capacitance values from 270pF to 1.8µF, with tolerances of ±5%, 10% and 20% dependant on C/V value.  Package sizes offerings of 0805 to 2225 have not altered.

The X8R dielectric is formulated specifically to withstand the harsh ‘under the hood’ environment of high temperature, in that it can operate across the extended temperature range from -55°C to +150°C, with a maximum capacitance change of ±15% (without applied voltage).  Add to that Syfer’s specially formulated FlexiCap™ flexible polymer termination, with a nickel barrier finish as standard, and these X8R devices exhibit the enhanced mechanical performance needed for automotive applications.

Syfer’s X8R parts are also ideal for other industrial sectors where electronic equipment is exposed to high temperatures, such as oil and gas exploration, aerospace and defence applications.

The nickel barrier terminations on these parts ensure compatibility with the RoHS Directive of lead-free solder processes.

Samples of Syfer X8R dielectric MLCCs are available now, with production quantities available on a 12 week lead time from Syfer’s Norwich facility.