Pushbutton switches offer rugged control

ESNA Jul13 Pg06 to 10 News APEM1A new range of sealed panel mount pushbutton switches have been introduced by Apem Components. The I series offers both 12 and 16mm diameter bushings with round and square actuators, featuring both latching and momentary switch functions. There are a number of product families in the range.

Ideal for harsh, noisy environments, including those involving vibrations, such as agriculture and military vehicles, the IC series includes: a snap-action mechanism, high voltage rating, round actuator and a light plastic case with a 12mm diameter bushing and two bezel diameters. It is sealed to IP67 and offers mechanical lifetime of one million cycles.

Based on long lifecycle Hall effect sensor technology, the IH pushbutton switch features a 12mm diameter bushing with a low behind-panel depth. Two versions are available, the IHL and the IHS, both said to offer contactless switching of five million operations. They are sealed to IP67, with the dome shaped actuator available in eight colors.