Crouzet: 50 Years of Switch Expertise

Crouzet-SwitchesWith over 50 years involvement in highly demanding markets where security and reliability are requested, Crouzet Switches, specialist in snap-action electrical switching brings peace of mind to design engineers through expert product support, in-depth knowledge of application design constraints and related standards and approvals issues. Crouzet Switches is a brand of CST.

Its extensive electromechanical switch product range includes high performance microswitches, limit switches, and trim switches for precision switching and detection.  To ensure optimum quality, all components are manufactured at facilities that fully comply to EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 17925 standards.

Crouzet Switches has worked for decades with customers who design products for highly technical applications that demand superior quality, reliability and meet national and international regulatory standards.  Numerous industrial and onboard applications incorporate these components, in all types of environments, including harsh environments and those with serious technical constraints and/or stringent quality requirements including:

Railway – Crouzet Switches’ line of innovative microswitches and limit switches are used in a wide range of railway applications such as rolling stock and infrastructure

Specialty Vehicles – Crouzet Switches’ limit switches are installed in applications including: earth moving and construction equipment (wheel loaders, excavators and backhoes), materials handling (cranes and forklifts), specialists vehicles (fire engines and garbage trucks) and agricultural and forestry equipment (tractors and harvesters)

Electrical Switchgears – Crouzet Switches’ microswitches are installed in various electrical equipment such as disconnectors, circuit breakers, contactors, fuse holders, timers, ring main units and switchgears

Valves and Actuators – Crouzet Switches’ electromechanical switches are widely used in any type of industrial valves: pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and manual valves

Crouzet Switches has become well-known for customizing products to meet unique customer needs while complying with the most rigorous quality demands.  The resulting product solution optimizes both technical features and cost.  This is made possible with Crouzet Switches’ broad selection of fully featured standard products and expert capabilities in not only adapting these products to match exacting specifications, but also in developing completely customized designs.  From standard products enhanced with factory mounted accessories and auxiliaries to fully, built-to-order, customized products, Crouzet Switches can meet your requirements.