Space-saving switch is tiny but tough

ESE July13 Pg15 & 16 What's New AlpsAlps Electric Europe has developed a switch with wire harness for its SPVQ8 series of small waterproof detector switches, ideal for use in automotive parts and white goods.

Space limitations in the automotive environment often dictates that a detector switch is located away from the main circuit board and connected with a wire harness. Previously, even if the detector switch itself was waterproof, the terminal would be left exposed, necessitating additional waterproofing with resin adhesive.

Alps claims to have addressed this issue with its SPVQ8 waterproof detector switch with a pre-attached wire harness. Besides meeting requirements for smaller and lighter components, waterproofing the detector switch in advance helps reduce the customer’s waterproofing workload during assembly.

Despite measuring only 8.3 by 5.3 by 11.4mm, the new product realizes IP67 dust and water resistance, including the wire harness connection. It can be incorporated into automotive car doors, seat belt buckles, gearshifts and motorcycle handle controls, as well as white goods and industrial equipment used around water. Resistance to dust and dirt and contact reliability are supported by a double-sided sliding contact, which slides while clamping a fixed contact from both sides.

The wire harness is available in two types: horizontal or vertical.