Arrival Electronics Announce Antenna Distribution Partnership

GPS Antenna ImageArrival Electronics is pleased to announce its partnership with M2M Antennas & SouthWest Antennas. M2M and SWA produce custom embedded antennas for M2M applications as well as Single or Multi-Element Panel Antennas, Horn Antennas, Sleeve Dipole Antennas, Omni Antennas & Broad Band Patch Antennas.

M2M & Southwest have a different approach to the antenna market, in the fact they like to partner with their customers and develop antenna’s specific to their needs, rather than the customer relying on standard “off the shelf” solutions.

You may find some off-the-shelf internal antennas with other antenna companies. But while they might work quite well on a demo PCB, they will be much less effective once installed. The dominant issue here is that the electromagnetic realities of a product are widely different than a simple demo PCB and off-the-shelf solutions cannot make that jump from demo to reality. For their part, they have a wide selection of topologies to select from but everything has to be adjusted to meet the realities of any product. Typically these changes are very significant and uniformly result in an entirely new design. The electromagnetic influences of packaging, batteries, enunciators, and displays are quite profound and differ widely from one product to another. While they do not provide off-the-shelf designs, they do draw from an extensive catalogue of proven designs of our own

To bridge these issues M2M and SWA offer a no-cost approach to the problem by developing their embedded antennas at their own expense, while amortizing the development costs into production. In this way you get a custom-engineered solution suited specifically to your product that will always out-pace whatever you can find off-the-shelf. This is a small price to pay compared to the financial loss and pain that most M2M start-up ventures encounter today. Most M2M companies today are spending about $2.5 million dollars to get their product to market, only to have their product fail PTCRB certification.

M2M Antennas is your embedded antenna design and manufacturing team!
They design and manufacture high performance embedded antennas for M2M product developers seeking short development times (4 weeks or less) with a view to passing PTCRB Certification on the first attempt. For most business cases there is no up-front fee and development costs are amortized into the agreed upon antenna production price. This results in greatly reduced technical, financial, and schedule risk to the M2M product developer.