When size really matters

ES Aug13 Pg05 to 10 News WilsonWilson Process Systems (WPS) has invested £500,000 in upgrading its SMT assembly facilities to increase capacity. The equipment also enables WPS to automatically assemble boards up to 1.3m long for the fast expanding display and lighting markets.

The upgraded line targets applications in the growing retail displays, LED lighting and digital signage markets and is thought to be the first in the country that can manufacture such long boards fully automatically, including the screen printing stage. According to WPS, the line will also be used to manufacture boards of more standard dimensions.

Joint managing director, Tim Wilson, said: “Customers find that we can match the factory gate price of Far Eastern manufacturers and offer much higher quality and more flexibility. As a result, new markets are opening up all the time and we currently see demand in LED lighting and in displays from the retail and other sectors. Our new line greatly expands our capacity generally, and has been equipped specifically to address this demand.”