RECOM’s LED drivers are CB, RCM and ENEC certified

PR_Certificates_KeysRECOM Lighting is a world-wide company with a global clientele. While many customers accept the usual CE or UL8750 certificates, there are some regions that require additional compliance to their own domestic standards and regulations. Therefore RECOM Lighting has selected the LED drivers RACD03, RACD06, RACD12, RACD20, RACT20 and RACV30 for additional certification to the internationally recognized IEC standards (CB report), RCM for Australia and New Zealand (ACMA) and the voluntary quality mark for Europe (ENEC).

The CB reports cover the IEC 62384 performance requirements and IEC 61347-2-13 safety requirements for electronic control gear for LED modules. These two norms are the primary international standards for LED drivers.

The RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) shows compliance with the local standards in Australia and New Zealand. The consolidated compliance mark replaces the old C-Tick mark and demonstrates compliance to all applicable ACMA technical standards.

The ENEC mark (European Norms Electrical Certification) demonstrates compliance with the relevant European safety and performance standards (EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13 and EN62384).  The testing must be carried out by an accredited European certification institute. For this certification, RECOM chose UL Europe.

With these new certifications, customers can have more confidence in the safety and performance of RECOM’s LED driver products, knowing that they have been independently assessed and approved for sale worldwide. Copies of the certificates are available on request.