For Protection and Performance of Electronics: Visit Donaldson Venting Solutions at Productronica 2013

Donaldson Venting SoutionsThe Donaldson Venting Solutions team is gearing up for the 2013 Productronica exhibition, with a highly advanced portfolio of protective venting solutions ready for inspection on Stand no. 133, Hall B2.

Having supplied several billion vents that increase the reliability and effectiveness of devices and enclosures; Donaldson is well placed to provide protection for a range of increasingly complex electronic applications for a range of industries.

At Donaldson, we understand that intricate electronic components can be subjected to challenging environmental conditions, such as dust, dirt, temperature and altitude fluctuations; all of which can affect the lifetime and performance of the equipment.

Our range of protective vents and vent assemblies can preserve the performance and lifetime of these sophisticated electronics through:

• Reliable protection from water, dirt, fluids and dust

• A durable, rugged solution that will equalise pressure

• Optimised performance that dissipates heat in enclosures

Our knowledgeable team of venting experts serves as an extension to your engineering team offering tested and proven reliable venting solutions for a range of electronic applications.

• Vent development, design, prototyping and testing for new applications

• Wide range of media choices

Donaldson’s reputation has been built on its problem solving, quality solutions as well as our commitment to improving product performance.

We will be performing live demonstrations for the duration of the exhibition on how easily our vents can be ultrasonic welded to plastic parts. We invite visitors to call at the stand to see this in action and receive a free plastic sample with an ultrasonically welded vent which can also be used to open bottles.