PV Stick for photovoltaic systems from Weidmüller delivers unbeatable time-savings in installation

Weidmuller PV StickWeidmüller has introduced its new PV-Stick plug-in connector with PUSH IN connection, enabling exceptionally fast, crimp-free and plug-in installation for photovoltaic systems. Complying with the DIN EN 50521 standard, in addition to being  TÜV-approved (German Technical Inspectorate), its highly functional design means you simply plug in, twist and power on!

The innovative PUSH IN connection system saves approximately 50% of the time required for cabling solar systems – without affecting quality. The plug-in connectors are connected securely and reliably in just a few steps: simply insert the stripped conductor in the plug-in connector, turn the screw cap and you’re done. A clearly audible click indicates a perfect, secure connection.

A clearly visible marking on the screw cap acts as an accurate indicator for determining the stripping length. Wire cross-sections of 4 mm² or 6 mm² can be attached to the PV-Stick in a matter of seconds, without the need for wire-end ferrules, crimp contacts or crimping tools. The rating data is 30 A and 1000 VDC (IEC).

With its PUSH IN connection system and “Type 4” connector face, the PV Stick dispenses with the need for crimp contacts and crimping tools, thus avoiding contact errors. In addition, the ergonomic and functional design of the PV plug-in connector enables trouble-free, simple and quick assembly, even under difficult conditions, such as when working at large heights.