The World’s Smallest Portable Bluetooth Speaker has Arrived

SONY DSCA burning question on the lips of most big technological companies is how to make their gadgets smaller whilst bringing the consumer the highest quality possible.  London based company, Bitmore, seem to have paved the way for the market with their latest Bluetooth, wireless, portable speaker, the e-Atom.

The e-Atom is the world’s smallest portable Bluetooth speaker and packs a huge punch.  Standing at just 3.8 cm tall, the speaker has a huge sound.  It has a new generation of amplifiers to ensure that the sound is not empty or tinny, but has a great bass.  Surprising for such a tiny speaker.

It is so small in fact, that you can attach this to a key ring, ensuring that you can take the e-Atom anywhere with you.  It connects to all smart phones, MP3s, laptops, PCs, tablets, and any other devices that are Bluetooth enabled.

“This is such an amazing, nifty product.  For such a tiny speaker, it has a huge sound.  The size means that you can literally take it anywhere with you, it can even dangle off the end of your keychain.  Great sound, innovative design, and at such a fantastic price, I could rave about the e-Atom all day, but you won’t be able to see how brilliant it is without seeing it in the flesh,” says Jacob Hughes, Product Manager at Bitmore. “I can see it changing the market place.  Once people see how incredible it is, they’ll be flying off the shelves.”

Bitmore have got it spot on with the world’s obsession with the tiny.  Great sound, cool design and so small you won’t even notice you are carrying it. At an introductory price of £19.99, the e-Atom will surprise the world.