Handles make disconnection a breeze

ES Aug13 Pg34 & 35 Switches SwitchtecAvailable from Switchtec, Telergon switch disconnectors have been upgraded to ensure all handles and interlocks offer enhanced comfort and functionality and aesthetics.

These switch disconnectors are said to match a range of applications where general switching duties are required. They are suitable for control switches for multiple circuits and in main circuits as ‘on load’ switches for motors, machines, heating equipment, lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, generator sets and mains/generator changeover use.

Telergon’s upgraded panel mount handles incorporate various functions such as a door interlock facility to prevent opening when powered up, IP65 ingress protection, the ability to padlock it in the off position and a defeatable function..

These defeatable handles allow installation or maintenance engineers to open the panel when it is on and powered up. This is vital when inspecting or servicing the panel and can help identify faulty components, or to adjust the parameters of equipment within the panel. The mechanism is integrated into the handle so that only an engineer with knowledge of this function would know of its presence.

Handles are available for all ranges and sizes of Telergon switches.