Desk-top, plug-top, back on top!

InterPressThe flexibility of external Interchangeable Switched-Mode Power Supplies has increased in popularity, but the core design has not changed or offered anything new for sometime, until now. Ideal Power’s 25HK-AB, 25HK-AJ and 25HK-U series further improves the versatility of the product by allowing multifunctional use as either a plug-top or a desk-top power supply in one and with a range of DC connectors to ensure maximum compatibility!

When using the power supply as a plug-top you can choose any AC plug type to suit the geographical market area of your application. Alternatively, by simply connecting a standard mains cable in-place of the AC plug, instantly converts the unit to a desk-top power supply.

This means one power supply can now be truly universal by operating anywhere in the world and in multiple forms. This flexibility allows products to operate in difficult office locations, such as with under-floor or gangway sockets preventing traditional plug-tops from being used. The C8 connection would also solve the issues with 15amp, UPS sockets being used rather than the traditional UK, EURO, US and Australian, specially in countries such as S. Africa, Italy, Switzerland, Israel to name a few.