FCI Expands Its HPCE® Product Range with Straddle Mount Power Connectors for Thicker PCBs

fci-logoFCI, a leading manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, increased the versatility of its popular High Power Card Edge (HPCE®) product range with the new HPCE® straddle mount connectors for thicker
printed circuit boards (PCBs).

FCI’s original HPCE® straddle mount connectors were manufactured to be mounted on the more commonly-used 1.57mm-thick PCBs. Engineers are now given more flexibility as FCI’s latest straddle mount additions, with their redesigned terminal tails, allow the components to be mounted on even thicker PCBs of up to 3mm. These new solutions can also accommodate a +/-10% tolerance in thickness. In addition, these connectors retain the same reliable and efficient mechanical and electrical performances found in other HPCE® connectors, allowing them to meet the most stringent requirements in the market.

“Increasing the versatility of our HPCE® product range with solutions for thicker PCBs is a natural progression as engineering designs and demands continue to diversify and evolve,” said Yu Dong, Product Director at FCI. “This development ensures our HPCE® straddle mount power connectors have the flexibility to host PCBs of varying thickness and are equipped with the capabilities to support the latest applications.”

FCI’s HPCE® power connector category is furnished with strong current carrying capabilities, making them ideal components for demanding AC and DC power supply systems. These solutions’ compact and low profile packages also make them ideal for add-in card applications in increasingly tight system architectures.

FCI’s HPCE® connectors maximize airflow with their low profile height, which facilities high linear current density and low contact resistance. These power components are also modularly tooled to make them highly configurable in terms of the number and placement of power and signal contacts. These attributes make the HPCE® power connector family ideal for the next generation 1U/2U servers, storage enclosures, telecommunications equipment and networking equipment.