PWM Blowers: Ideal for Low Profile Electronics Enclosures

JMCJMC Products, a world-wide leader in DC cooling fans and thermal solutions, is introducing low form factor blowers designed to provide superior cooling in low profile high density electronic enclosures.   These blowers will fit into enclosures ranging from 17mm to 30mm in height.   In addition to their small size all of these blowers are offered with 4-wire high frequency switching PWM control.   This feature insures optimal thermal performance at the lowest possible acoustical signature.

Another application for these blowers is in combination with heat sinks.   When using blowers in this way you create a low profile active thermal cooler that also provides system level cooling for the entire enclosure.   The blower draws cool air from the outside of the enclosure through strategically located vents.  The cool outside air is directed through the chassis, past the fins of the heat sink, and into the blower.   The blower then passes the collected hot air to outside of the chassis either directly or through a duct system.