1 to 10 Watt AC/DC power supplies with ultra-wide input voltage range

Key_RAC ultra wide_1306.ovRECOM Electronic presents yet another innovation in low power AC/DC converters. All models in the RAC01 to RAC10 families (1 to 10 watt) now accept AC input voltages down to 80VAC. Thus the wide-range 80-265VAC input or ultra-wide-range 80-305VAC input converters are compatible with all mains voltages worldwide, from the Japanese 100VAC, through the European 230VAC to the American 120/208/277VAC networks.

The ultra-wide input voltage range guarantees a stable, isolated DC output even if the AC power supply varies widely or is temporarily out of range,  as may be the case for example when the voltage is supplied from a generator set. Therefore the RAC series are especially suitable for countries where voltage fluctuations far outside normal tolerances are not uncommon. The converters can also be used with any mains input frequency from 0Hz (DC) up to 440Hz (aircraft electrical systems).

The AC/DC modules operate with a stable efficiency down to 10% load, so only one converter type is needed for many different applications, reducing logistics costs and giving economies of scale. The compact mini power supplies have a built-in EN55022 Class B input filter that does not require any external components, also reducing end-user costs. The converters feature 3kVAC isolation (3.75kVAC for RAC04/277 & RAC10/277) between input and output and are CE, EN and UL certified. RECOM offers a 3-year warranty as standard on all of its products.