Next Generation Interpoint EMI Filters from Crane

Crane logoCrane Aerospace & Electronics, Power Solutions expands its list of products for immediate delivery. The FMCE SeriesTM are the next-generation Interpoin EMI filters. They are drop-in replacements for Interpoint legacy filters. FMCE-1528TM 15 amp replaces FME28-461TM, FMCE-0828TM 8 amp replaces FMD28-461TM 7 amp, FMCE-0528TM 5 amp replaces FMC-461TM 2.7 amp and FMCE-0328TM 3 amp replaces FMH-461TM 1.5 amp.

Ed Fuhr, Vice President of Power Solutions for Crane Electronics, said “Most military and aerospace programs are up against tight deadlines. Waiting for delivery of specialized, high reliability components is a luxury no one can afford. We’ve gone the extra step to make sure we have our highest demand dc-dc converters and EMI filters on hand for fast delivery.”

Crane Electronics, Inc., Power Solutions offers Interpoint, ELDEC and Keltec power conversion, power distribution and battery systems for commercial aerospace, defense and space for use in avionics, ATA Chapter 24 Power Systems, communications, electronic countermeasures, missiles, radar, navigation, guidance and utility systems. Interpoint dc-dc converters and EMI filters have proven performance in extreme environments where high reliability is required and failure is not an option.