Airflow preserving shield solutions for vents and displays

ESUK EMC Chomerics Win Shield.ovChomerics Europe has introduced a new EMI shielding material for use over vents and displays. WIN-SHIELDTM Mesh 100P is ideal for use in a wide range of commercial and military applications allowing airflow from vents to be maintained and displays to remain viewable without compromising the shielding integrity of customer equipment. The tough material can also be used as a shielded cable wrap or for protecting flexible circuits.

As well as being used in standalone format, WIN-SHIELD Mesh 100P, which has a shielding effectiveness of 55 to 60 dB (100 MHz to 1GHz), can be integrated into glass or plastic windows to provide a fully supported EMI solution.  Comprising a100 openings per inch (OPI), 61% open area copper mesh coated with an inert, blackened polymer coating applied using a proprietary environmentally friendly process, this innovative new material from Chomerics Europe is also effective in reducing glare for improved visibility in window applications. The coating is designed not to fade, degrade, or react with moisture in the air.

WIN-SHIELD Mesh 100P can be supplied as custom die-cut shapes or in sheet form. It is easy to form into shapes to suit the needs of specific applications and has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C.