VARTA Microbattery announces availability of hydrogen gas generating button cells

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVARTA Microbattery have released the H2 family of hydrogen gas generating cells.  The button cells offer an energy-independent solution for the displacement of virtually any liquid, gel, paste or granule, and are engineered to provide a portable dosing solution for automatic dispensers used in short-, medium- or long-term drug delivery systems, as well as in analytics, sensing or leakage detection applications.  Featuring a high output of gas, a single button cell releases a total of 130 ml (more than 200 times than cell volume) of ultrapure (99.99%, E949) H2 gas at rates as high as 15ml/hr. The gas is generated by connecting a resistor to the cell and the rate is proportional to discharge current, inversely proportional to resistor value. To achieve more total gas output and/or higher gassing rates, multiple-cell assemblies can be made available.

The family of gas generating cells are ideally suited for employment in a broad range of human and veterinary medical, pharmaceutical and health-related applications.  As the pressure built up from the gas automatically dispenses medications from a customized dosing cartridge, the gas generating cells provide a state-of-the-industry alternative to complex and expensive electric flexible-tube pumps.  In addition, the gas generating button cells provide a mechanical energy reservoir and gas pressure source for varied automotive, maritime, aeronautics, meteorology, industrial or consumer applications.

Boasting a wide operating temperature range, and complying with EU Directive 2006/66/EC, the single cell (Part #4690-101-501) measures 11.55 mm in diameter x 5.45 mm high and weighs only 1.85 g.

VARTA Microbattery’s gas generating cells are a customized, designed-in solution, therefore firm pricing is quoted based on customer’s specifications.  Average delivery is 10 weeks ARO.

VARTA Microbattery is a world leader in the electrochemical cell market, with over 20 years of experience in the production of gas generating cells, designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany.