One supplier, many solutions

ESUK Nov13 p20 Arrival 1Reduce your vendor base by selecting a company that combines services from multiple contract manufacturers. General manager of Arrival Electronics, Stewart Darroch, explains

More and more, OEM companies need to outsource their manufacturing. Thanks to the constraints of capacity or capability, the need to utilise contract electronics manufacturing for the UK market is growing ever stronger.

Finding the right manufacturing partner can prove tricky, however, as it is rare to find one solution which fits all possible requirements. It can be time consuming to get comparison quotes and audit the various options, but it is vital to explore a number of fully audited contract manufacturing partners that suit your requirements.

Component purchasing can make up 90 per cent of the total cost of acquisition of a finished assembly and this, alongside various quality, box build and product test requirements, makes it important that all factors are taken into account when selecting the right component specialist and contract electronics manufacturer. It can be beneficial to choose one company that offers the services of multiple contract electronic manufacturers and provides a quality cost effective solution.

Arrival Electronics aims to do just that. Whether it is low, medium or high volume and regardless of technology type, Arrival Electronics claims to offer solutions that fully suit individual customer’s needs.

Utilising the contract electronics market opens the door to a supply base able to cater for various manufacturing approvals such as TS16949, ISO13485 and AS9100, with IPC-A-610 Class three being the minimum manufacturing standard for most. With common tooling options available, it is possible to relocate tooling within Arrival’s approved contract electronic partners, so product is assembled within specific parameters, yet with no additional tooling costs.

Customers also benefit from having multiple sources for their manufacturing solution. This simplifies potential disaster recovery and the customer is not restricted by a single CEM’s available resources.

Finally, time to market is key, so any manufacturing partner should work with engineering to provide support early in the product development cycle, particularly with component selection.

As such, Arrival works with engineering at the start of a project to ensure a product is designed with lean manufacturing in mind. The aim is to offer design support and component suggestions, including analysing and cleansing a bill of materials, to avoid delays or other issues within the manufacturing process.

Sourcing the right manufacturing partner can be an arduous process, but Arrival Electronics promises to minimise stress and to find the right solution for your needs.