Get active on obsolescence

ESEU Nov13 Pg06 & 08 News COGComponent Obsolescence Group (COG) expo 2013 will take place on 4 December in Frankenthal, Germany. The event aims to cover the most effective active and reactive strategies for handling discontinued, manipulated and counterfeit electronic components, with presentation from 20 members of COG Deutschland.

Due to shorter innovation cycles in the semiconductor industry, many manufacturers of durable goods, especially in the automobile, aerospace, military, railway, power station, healthcare and automation industries, find themselves confronted with obsolescence challenges.

Chairman of COG Deutschland, Ulrich Ermel, explained: “This dilemma can only be addressed with well-functioning, forward-looking, obsolescence management. Therefore we want to give non-members of our organisation the opportunity during COG expo 2013, to gather information about all facets of the obsolescence issue.”

Participation is free for those attending an event organised by COG Deutschland for the first time, with up to two people per company.