Ten manufacturers join number one lineup

ESNA Sep13 Pg06 & 08 News Chip OneGlobal distributor, Chip 1 Exchange, has become fully franchised with ten new electronic component manufacturers. With its headquarters in Germany, Chip-1 North America has been commissioned in the franchise agreement regarding this market.

The ten manufacturers that have signed Chip 1 as their franchised factory direct distributor include: Nemco Electronics, a supplier of tantalum capacitors; YS Tech, for its AC/DC fans and accessories; Para Light, for LEDs; Meritek Electronics, which offers a variety of discrete components; Emerging Display Technologies, supplier of LCD panel displays; Mag Layers, for its discrete magnetic components; Xmultiple, for connectors and other components; TGS, for crystal oscillators and SAW devices; Comchip, for diode and transistor products; and CIT, for relays and switches.

Chief operating officer of Chip 1, Damon Pouya, said: “These manufacturers are a perfect match for our core expertise of allowing faster lead times to market.”