Ellsworth Adhesives Europe now taking orders for Metcal’s newly launched hot air pencil

ESUK ESE Ellsworth AdhesivesEllsworth Adhesives is pleased to announce that the latest product development from Metcal – The HCT2-120 – is now available to order from its European division.

The HCT2-120 system is the latest product to be developed by Metcal. The HCT2-120 is a digital hot air pencil perfectly suited to applications using smaller components and assemblies thanks to its slim and lightweight design. As component miniaturization continues, the ergonomics of a pencil allow the user more freedom to access and rework components on the board without affecting adjacent parts.

With a 120 Watt Ceramic Heater and Dual Stage Air Pump, The HCT2-120 provides the power and performance needed to deliver the right amount of thermal energy. The Microprocessor controlled closed loop feedback system allows fast heating, precise and stable temperature control. The HCT2-120 System also includes a nozzle plate holder inside the workstand with six nozzles ranging between 1.5mm and 4mm.

The HCT2-120 benefits from a universal power supply that automatically senses the input line voltage and adjusts accordingly which allows for worldwide operation without adaptors or a change in performance.

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