Low profile socket targets wireless mobile devices

ESEU Nov13 Pg16 & 18 Connectors TTIFive new series of micro-SIM card sockets from Molex are available from TTI. Designed to offer space savings and anti-short card detection and polarisation features, the series is targeted at wireless mobile devices. Both push-pull and hinged styles are offered for smart phones, tablets, global system for mobile (GSM)/ universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) modems and wireless local area network (LAN) applications.

The Molex 78755 series is a push-pull design with a low height profile of 1.18mm, designed for the latest generation of ultra-slim devices.

The miniature footprint 78723 series is also a push-pull design with an integral metal shell spring tab to ensure high normal force for robust terminal-to-card connectivity and electrical reliability. It features anti-short capabilities and wide finger areas for easy card insertion and removal. It measures 1.35mm high and weighs 0.226g.

Molex 78727 is a push-pull micro-SIM card socket featuring patented socket-damage prevention. A raised housing wall protects any exposed edge of the SIM card shorting with the surrounding metal shell. It also includes a detect switch with first-mate-last break capability and measures 1.40mm high.

At 1.45mm high, the Molex 78646 series includes a detect switch and has a kinked metal shell design which prevents shorting. Again it features a wide finger area with a chamfered edge icon to guide the user in correctly inserting the micro-SIM card.

Finally, the 78800 series is a 1.40mm high hinged socket designed for space constrained, top-loading applications. Designed for mid-board layouts, the 78800 series enables 180deg opening of the lid to prevent damage to the micro-SIM card terminals while loading.