Stay cool with boiler sensors

ES Dec13 Pg28 & 29 Switches ATC SemitecATC Semitec has added a series of temperature sensors for use in gas boilers and electric heating appliances to its range of temperature probes.

Insertion, screw-probe, push-fit and clip-on sensors are all available with the main thermistor resistance values used in the boiler industry: five, 10 and 12kohms. Both brass and nickel-plated housings are available. Integrally-mounted connectors are based on industry standard 2.5mm pitch terminations.

The pipe-clip sensors are IP67 rated and cover a range of pipe diameters from 13 to 28mm. Designed for simple installation, they clip securely to the relevant pipe diameter giving a typical response time of less than one second. They are rated for use from -40 to 140ºC continuously with an accuracy of ±1ºC at 25ºC.