Digital data secures mineral supply chain

ITRI logoThe ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative (iTSCi) adopted a new technology solution designed to enhance data collection and traceability in this minerals due diligence programme. The system, which electronically replicates current paper based systems, has been tested, approved and will now be used by Government agents responsible for data recording.

The iTSCi programme is a minerals traceability system capable of tracking tin, tantalum and tungsten production through complex multi-stage and multi-operator supply chains that often involve several layers of mixing and re-processing. It has been adopted by the governments of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is now operational at over 850 mine sites in the region. This generates huge amounts of data, with over 25,000 transactions being manually entered into the programme database each week.

In order to increase the efficiency of data collection, iTSCi worked with software experts at Helveta UK. Following field trials, software relevant to the programme is now available for installation on simple mobile devices.

With information transmitted in real-time to the programme database, data collection, verification and analysis can occur on the same day. Government agents of GMD in Rwanda are now using this solution and the system will be rolled out more widely as financing allows.