Ortustech 12.2 cm (4.8”) TFT COM43H4M87ULC – with a very high resolution

tft_ortustech_com43h4m64ulc_Paris_bigOrtustech Technology – a very well-known Japanese manufacturer of TFT modules – is offering a wide product range of small and medium sized TFTs from 5.1 cm (2.0”) up to 17.78 cm (7.0”) screen sizes.

One key product is the 12.2 cm (4.8”) TFT – COM43H4M87ULC. The TFT has a very high resolution of 720 * 1280 dots and therewith the image is very sharp and crystal clear. The pixel structure is not visible for the human eye. With a viewing angle of L/R/U/D 80°/80°/80°/80° the TFT is readable from all directions. Due to the blanview technology the TFT is readable under sunlight conditions. The display has very compact outline dimension of 63.7 x 115.6 mm and a thickness of only 1.6 mm. So it is a perfect solution for applications with high demands to the dimensions and the weight. The operating temperature range is specified of -20°C…+70°C. Ortus’ COM43H4M87ULC is designed with a MIPI-interface.

Ortustech TFTs are designed for the industrial market and a minimum life time of 5 years is guaranteed.