Manufacturing links improve IP security

ESUK Feb14 p6 News Briton EMS PPRThe acquisition of UK-based Briton EMS by US electronics manufacturing provider, OSI, has opened a new door for developing electronic products in the UK, with strong IP-protection and close links to low-cost Far East manufacturing.

Business development manager of Briton EMS, Peter Towler, said: “Intellectual property is kept in the UK while the product is undergoing development and pre-production trialling. When sales justify higher production levels and Far East manufacture becomes economic, we can offer OSI group-owned manufacturing facilities in Indonesia and Malaysia.

“This maintains product security and confidentially. It is ideal for locally managed new product introduction (NPI) projects to migrate with confidence to a lower cost facility.”

In addition to Far East production bases, Briton EMS’ parent company has manufacturing plants in California certified for aerospace, defence and military work and ISO 13485 for medical and life sciences.