Open Frame Battery Charger Solution Suitable for OEM Design-In

ESE Mar14 p8 Ideal Power PPRIdeal Power are developing a highly reliable, open-frame battery charger with a universal input that can integrate into any planned or existing charging system as an OEM solution which provides designers and installers the flexibility to achieve the desired charging system without the extra cost and complications of a fully enclosed battery charger.

Available as an install-ready, OEM sub-assembly which can be white-labelled with another brand as to appear as a complete solution, the OEM open frame battery charger aims to reduce the design, development and installation of battery charging systems.

Considering the financial cost of replacement batteries, it is a fundamental requirement to extend the battery life as much as possible, a requirement that using this system can achieve by vastly improving the life-cycle and performance of the battery.

Using the intelligent charging system the battery can be recharged by a strategy that best suits the condition of the battery cells. This approach means the battery cells are protected from over-intensive charge rates which damage them. Instead, a sympathetic approach is employed which allows the charging system to automatically switch between charging modes whilst battery condition is constantly monitored and protected from over-charging which means the charger can be left connected at all times to safely and efficiently maintain the battery.

The 7-Stage intelligent automatic charging process includes: Sulphate Prevention Mode (De-sulphate), Bulk Charge, Absorption Charge, Recondition Mode, Optimisation Mode, Float Charge and Maintenance Mode.