DATA MODUL announce new eDM-CB-Colibri ARM Carrier Board

embedded_eDM-CB-Colibri_bigThe eDM-CB-Colibri Carrier Board supports the pin-compatible Colibri ARM based computer on module product family from Toradex.  Based on NVIDIA Tegra 2 & 3, Freescale Vybrid and Intel/Marvell XScale processors.The Colibri family delivers cost-performance optimized designs.

Product Highlights: eDM-CB-Colibri Carrier Board

•    Panel support TTL RGB 24Bit or Single Channel LVDS 24Bit

•    Internal Power Controller to supply Panels from 4.3” to 10.4”

•    RS232/485/422/CAN, ETH, microSD-Card, SPI, I²C 4xUSB

•    Scalable modules from ARM Cortex-A5 @ 400Mhz up to ARM Cortex-A9 Quad Core 1.4Ghz

•    Wide Power Input: +9 to +24V DC

•    Dimension 115mm x 76mm

Unique in this segment is the wide range Power input, based on “step down” and “step-up” converter. This ensures that also the internal +12V DC voltage, for the panel backlight, is constantly available even with an input voltage of +9V DC.

The eDM-CB-Colibri Carrier Board is provided together with the Colibri Module from Toradex. For current designs the following moduls are recommended:

•    Colibri VF50

•    Colibri VF61

•    Colibri T20

•    Colibri T30

Toradex provides modules with a pre-installed Windows CE or Windows Embedded Compact 7 image, along with the respective runtime license under the Microsoft OEM ID. Linux is available as well.

•    Ecosystem: Bootloaders and Board Support Packages (BSPs) were designed to be very configurable. This relieves the application-developer from the burden of creating a custom image. Instead, the necessary adaptations can be made by configuring settings and adding files to the flash file system.

•    Windows Embedded Compact: BSPs for Windows Embedded Compact (formerly Windows CE) 5.0/6.0/7.0 are among the most advanced and robust BSPs available on the market. Beside the standard Windows Embedded Compact functionality, they include optimized versions of drivers as well as support for additional peripherals. The BSPs are available for download at no cost

•    Linux: BSPs for Linux, include driver support for the integrated peripherals. The BSPs are available for download at no cost.

•    Software Libraries and Tools: Toradex provides free software libraries for additional features including SPI, PWM, I2C, CAN and cloud connectivity. Furthermore, an UpdateLib  for updating the bootloader and operating system is available.

The eDM-CB-Colibri Carrier Board has a guaranteed long-term availability of at least 10 years. It’s also available as kit-solution with a wide range of TFT Displays (AUO, Innolux, Powertip,..) along with matching cable set and adapted Power-ON/OFF timing. Therefore a time intensive display adjustment process won´t be necessary anymore.