DeLTA is the difference!

DeLTA (angle 2).ovIt does what it says on the can …. or does it? With legacy stock, return-to-stock or hard-to-source components, you need to be certain they are fully functional and do what you think they do. So how can you do this in a cost effective way and without resorting to expensive X-ray, optical or outsourced electrical test?

When testing a semiconductor device or IC on its own, it is necessary to use an adaptor of some kind to provide the physical support and electrical connections required. The DeLTA (Device Level Test Adaptor) has been designed by Diagnosys to provide a robust and affordable physical connection to a DUT (Device Under Test) and importantly provides an easy-to-use operator interface. With a clear indication of a pass / fail result for a device and automatic checking of the test program and DUT board compatibility, an Operator can quickly learn to test devices without any special skills.

The affordable DUT boards with automatic ID recognition enable DUT power and signal switching to be applied automatically in the DeLTA and ensure rapid and error-free testing of devices for absolute confidence.

When combined with a comprehensive functional test system, such as the PinPoint Alpha from Diagnosys, the DeLTA really is the difference and provides an affordable and an easy to use test solution for components.