Online tools simplify access to available stock

Digi-KeyDigi-Key has surpassed one million in-stock components available for immediate shipment. Parts can be accessed via its improved online bill of materials (BOM) manager tool. The company has also announced a new scheduled shipments feature and shopping cart enhancements, designed to simplify the ordering process.

Chief marketing officer of Digi-Key, Tony Harris, said: “There isn’t another BOM manager available that links to this volume of in-stock parts.”

Digi-Key’s enhanced web-based BOM manager enables purchasers to create and save their BOM at all stages of product design. Users can quickly view inventory availability, price breaks, regulatory compliance data and other information. They can also create and save their BOM with the correct part ratios, making it easy to multiply by the number of product assemblies during the ordering process.

With Digi-Key’s scheduled shipment feature, users can break a line item into multiple shipments and/or choose to have each line item on an order ship separately and arrive on different dates. This allows customers to reduce their inventory costs, paying by the piece versus for paying a lump sum for a large quantity order, saving administrative time and resources.

Finally, Digi-Key customers can now label their shopping carts with unique names instead of relying on Web IDs and sales order numbers. Additional features include the ability to combine carts, which allows users to combine multiple carts from two different locations.