Earth bonding hinges from Multi-Contact remove the need for earthing straps

MC_EGHMulti-Contact, Doors for switchgear cabinets and other electrical enclosures no longer need to have earthing straps. Instead, cabinet doors can be fitted and removed quickly, simply and safely using the new earth bonding hinges from Multi-Contact.
The hinges make a high quality earth connection automatically when the door is hung on the cabinet. As with conventional hinges, the lower section is fitted to the cabinet and the upper section to the door. The electrical connection is made by a flat Multilam contact strip on the side of each hinge section, and a third Multilam in the joint pin.
Safety is enhanced, as there is no risk of forgetting to fit earthing straps, or not fitting them correctly. Also, EMC properties are better than with systems using earthing straps.
Offering IP66 environmental protection, the hinges are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. There are two standard versions for stainless steel and aluminium alloy housings, with versions for other housings available on request.
Multilam is a proprietary contact system from Multi-Contact that uses torsion spring contact elements to produce multiple contact points and ensure low contact resistance and high reliability.